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Start Up

Study Startup is getting it right from the beginning. Identifying the steps in the process and the overall trial specifications.


Site Identification is something we have mastered and continue to deliver the highest quality of clinical sites.


The management of contracting is the key to delivering a well documented and compliant clinical trial.


Clinical and Data Management play a critical role in the success of a trial. Clinlogix prides itself in this area.

Preferred Global Clinical Research Organization

Research and development sponsors are challenged to dramatically improve efficiencies, reduce costs and speed cycle times – all while maintaining the highest standards of quality in their clinical development projects and programs.

Clinlogix meets this imperative, focusing on excellence in innovation and consistently surpassing the expectations of clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. It is our expert ability to consult with our clients to understand and assist in defining those needs. Our ability to execute and deliver these services is unparalleled..

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