How good is your crystal ball? We identified a number of predictions from a wide variety of sources around some important trends that will impact the future of healthcare. Some are bold, some are mild, and some even contradict each other.

9 Healthcare Predictions For 2017

Nine intriguing thoughts, from price control to artificial intelligence to Apple’s push into clinical research support.
Source: Frost & Sullivan in Forbes


Why Drug Costs Will Keep Rising in 2017

A variety of diverse predictions, including rising drug costs, shrinking number of brick-and-mortar pharmacies, a spike in insurance premiums, and proof-of-concept for gene therapy.
Source: Fortune


7 Bold Predictions for Healthcare in 2017

Intriguing predictions include: Amazon’s big move into medical payments, video games on health and wellness, an infrastructure health disaster, and in-home medical diagnostic devices like Fitbit will become ubiquitous.
Source: Redox

4 Healthcare Industry Predictions For 2017

Predictions cover massive outbreak of identity fraud, the growth of the integrated care delivery and financing model, and minimizing concern over the POTUS.
Source: Health IT Outcomes
Health IT Outcomes

Healthcare Predictions for 2017

A HuffPost contributor, CEO of Bernard Health, predicts the repeal of Obamacare, block-granted Medicaid, and a return to the pre-ACA insurance market.
Source: Huffington Post
Huffington Post

3D Printing Predictions for 2017 and the Best of Medicine, Education and Makers

Predictions from the 3D printing industry include 3D-printed organs, tissue, and bones.
Source: 3D Printing Industry
3D Printing Industry

Experts Say How Trump Presidency Might Affect the Future of Health IT

Several experts weigh in on how President Trump’s election may affect existing health initiatives, such as the Cancer Moonshot, the Precision Medicine Initiative, the BRAIN Initiative and the CMS Innovation Center.
Source: TechTarget Network

2017 Prediction From Healthcare Leaders Across the Country

Five healthcare leaders cover interoperability between disparate systems vs. a single enterprise platform for health information across the continuum of care, the evolution of EMR into predictive analytics, and which initiatives President Trump is likely to retain if he moves forward with repealing the ACA.
Source: Hayes Management Consulting
Hayes Management Consulting

Eight Digital Health Predictions for 2017

A wealth of predictions includes the POTUS’s effect on IT adoption, an increase in M&A and IPO activity, the growth of digital health, an increase in hospital price transparency, the battle for success in telemedicine, a make-or-break year for wearables, and Apple’s increased healthcare ambitions.
Source: Mobi Health News

As 2017 progresses, it will be interesting to track how these predictions play out. While nobody can be sure which ones will come to pass and which are mirages, it never hurts to know what industry leaders are thinking.

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