Nice Insight Survey Ranks Clinlogix #1 In Clinical Monitoring

Nice Insight’s Top Companies lists are comprised of the highest scoring companies, as rated by buyers of outsourced services, with respect to customer perception within each category. Customer perception describes how a current buyer or prospect rates a company based on the information they have been exposed to—from marketing materials to word-of-mouth influence, as well as experience with the company.

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Life Science Leader Awards

Recognizing the industry’s top CROs

Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical executives have told  Life Science Leader about their struggles in efficiently vetting potential CRO partners. In response to this input, Life Science Leader developed the CRO Leadership Awards based on industry research conducted by Nice Insight. The awards incorporate the common filters used by pharma companies to vet CROs with the added filter of peer feedback. Unlike other industry awards which are given based on a subjective voting or nomination process, the only votes that count towards the CRO Leadership Awards are those of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies using CRO services.

Awards are presented to Clinlogix in the following categories:

cro_1 cro_2 cro_3 cro_4



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