Join Our Network For Future Studies

Partnering with the right clinical sites is critical to the success of every clinical trial. Clinlogix works in all phases of both medical device and pharmaceutical clinical trials in a wide variety of therapeutic areas. It is important for Clinlogix to build a strong relationship with our investigators in order to complete each trial successfully, on time and within budget. Clinlogix has built long-lasting global relationships with various clinical research sites. Clinlogix sites repeatedly rate Clinlogix very highly due to our experienced CRAs who practice daily open and effective communication, planning and execution of our site’s needs for all clinical trials. In fact, during 2015, we were rated #1 in Clinical Monitoring by Life Science Leader. If you are interested in being considered for future studies, please click on the link below and enter your information into our Investigator Database. Please note that each investigator’s information should be entered separately in order to highlight each investigator’s experience in clinical research. Thank you for your interest in Clinlogix!