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Medical Team

Clinlogix has the experience to conduct trials in renally-impaired patients, including patients currently undergoing dialysis, and in patients suffering from diabetic nephropathy as well as other chronic kidney diseases (CKD). Our expertise in nephrology drug development enables us to collaborate closely with sponsors on clinical and regulatory aspects of their drug development programs. Our multinational network of investigative sites specialized in the nephrology therapy area, and collegial relationships with these sites provides sponsors with confidence that programs are completed on time and within budget.

Work with a CRO with Renal Disease Trial Experience

Clinlogix has long been considered an industry leader in drug development for diabetes, obesity, and metabolic disorders. More recently, Clinlogix has conducted several large trials in diabetic nephropathy patients and CKD patients and, as a result, has developed the relationships and therapeutic expertise for development projects dealing with renal disorders. Clinlogix understands the complex metabolic conditions that cause CKD and, perhaps more importantly, understands the medical complications experienced by patients with CKD and Early Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). In addition, Clinlogix has a working knowledge of the international landscape of nephrology investigative sites which regularly participate and successfully enroll in nephrology studies.