Project Rescue

Due to the complexity of clinical trials and the constant struggle to keep them on schedule, Clinlogix is often called upon to resolve issues when processes do not go as planned. Clinlogix’s resourcefulness and focus on quality has led to our reputation as a first-class provider of clinical trial rescue services.

In reviewing a project in question, our highly-trained staff conducts thorough analyses of every element, function, sequence, and deliverable. Special care is taken to identify any missing elements or bottlenecks. We have ready access to clinical data management capacity, study sites, monitors, investigators, vendors, and any other capability that may be required to get your project back on track.

We can provide rescue services in the following areas:

  • Clinical operations
  • Patient enrollment
  • Medical monitoring
  • Clinical monitoring
  • Project management
  • Clinical data management
  • Quality assurance
  • Investigative site & CRA training