Study Start-Up

A critical key to a successful project is a rapid and efficient Study Start-up. Clinlogix has developed and implemented systemized processes and procedures that result in efficient, accelerated project start-up times.

Clinlogix has long demonstrated our ability to get sites rapidly qualified, initiated, and ready to enroll.

Starting with our extensive investigator database, Clinlogix can prequalify sites around the globe from accumulated past experience with sites, investigators, staff, and institutions.

Clinlogix utilizes and optimizes the start-up processes by providing tools that include document templates and comprehensive checklists to facilitate and implement start-up plans. We excel in coordinating the start-up of a project globally, and our site selection and start-up strategies continue to provide valuable time-saving results for our clients.

Recruiting effective research sites and high-performing investigators is critical for the success of any project.

The study start-up activities directly correlate to successful and timely subject enrollment.

Plan for Success and Work Collaboratively!

Site Identification

Choosing the right investigative site with access to a suitable patient population requires tremendous skill and experience. At Clinlogix, we have both. We create teams with proven expertise in implementing clinical trials and recruiting subjects, assuring that your site services requirements are fully addressed to your complete satisfaction.

Contract and Budget Management

Without the right skills and processes, the contracting process can cause significant delays during the study start up process.

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