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Some of our Therapeutic Specialties include:

Cardiovascular and Diabetes Expertise

Clinlogix’s Cardiovascular clinical team is highly experienced working on global trials across a diverse spectrum of indications both in pharmaceutical and medical….

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Infectious Diseases

Clinlogix’s mission is to assist our Clients with enhancing their ability to provide vaccine safety, efficacy and acceptability. Through our global network of investigators and investigative…

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With experience in trials from early through late phase development (Phase I – IV), including classic multi-cytotoxic agent and targeted and/or…

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Central Nervous System

An aging global population has increased the need for therapies to treat and improve neurologic diseases. At Clinlogix, our goal is to understand and ensure that we meet this need by complementing our client’s resources to achieve a well-integrated, therapeutically…

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Rare Diseases

Clinlogix’s has the requisite knowledge and experience working in rare disease states. Our foundation as healthcare providers (nurses, MDs) gives us the insight and understanding of these disease processes. Coupled with our ability to clearly understand…
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