Combination products can be particularly difficult to develop. Whether it’s a drug-device combination or a companion diagnostic to assist in the delivery of precision medicine, these programs present a fresh set of challenges for developers.

With long-standing success in global medical device and pharmaceutical products development, Clinlogix offers unparalleled combination development services across numerous therapeutic areas. We have directed the development of numerous successful drug-coated and drug-eluting stents, balloons, and minimally invasive devices.

Combination products often face significant regulatory hurdles. There is no standard playbook for the development of novel technologies. This is a point of excellence at Clinlogix, where our team of expert regulatory strategists have guided successful development programs worldwide.


  • Carotid and renal stents
  • Continuous glucose monitors (CGM)
  • Coronary and peripheral stents (bare and drug-eluting)
  • Coronary drug-eluting scaffolds
  • Drug-coated or drug-eluting balloons
  • Non-invasive glucose monitoring devices
  • Peripheral and endovascular stents (superficial femoral artery (SFA), coated)
  • Robotics

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New ideas pose new challenges. If you’re developing a new treatment or technology, you need a partner that can navigate unexplored territory while still ensuring efficient research conduct and comprehensive regulatory strategies. That is exactly what Clinlogix delivers. Our global access to key opinion leaders and best-in-class clinical sites ensures top performing sites can successfully bring your program across the finish line.